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Our company passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification. Blue Works masks dozens of models for the European standard EN149 and get FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 quality level certification respectively; dozens of models for AS / NZS 1716 Standards  Australia and the United States NEISON, NIOSH N95, N99 standard international certification.Double victory license mesh valve masks and face cloth masks and other national PatentOffice.

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   The goggles consist of spectacles frame and lens.The spectacles frame is made from free bending PVC material. The lens is made from specific PC particle,flat and transparent. It has the functions of anti-bending,anti-bursting and anti-lashing.

It can efficiently prevent from the lashing of middle-energy particle and the splashing of liquid or metal melt.

The anti-fog goggles also has the function of anti-fog.

he product has obtained the european EN-166 CE Standards

 Features of our Training Mask Sports?

1. Light and comfortable, also can be carried  to use separately.

2.Anti-Dust, anti-static, anti-scratch with.

3. Long-term use is not deformed.

4. Masks installed on both sides exhaust valve automatically open and close, not leak, good filtering effect, not hot non-fogging.

5. The fabric feels delicate, soft and flexible, with fog, shock, insulation and other characteristics.

6.Effective inhibition of PM2.5, the filtering effect of 99%.


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Corona Virus Masks

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Surgical Face Masks For Sale

If you’ve been paying attention to the news at all for the past couple of months, you’ve probably heard about the coronavirus outbreak in china. First things first, we here at Blueworks think that you should not panic. There have only been 12 documented cases of the coronavirus here in the u.S., and comparatively, somewhere between 10,000 and 25,000 people have died of the much more common flue since October. So the best thing you can do is keep calm, get your flu shot, and, wash your hands. Despite the relatively low risk of coronavirus in the u.S., pharmacies and online retailers like Amazon have been selling out of these surgical masks and n95 respirators like this one. These are called n95, which means that they’re government-certified to block 95% of small airborne particles. They do so via an activated carbon layer and a polypropylene filter that blocks out particulate as small as .3 microns. For comparison, a human strand of hair is about 75 microns in size. We liked this model from 3m last year because of its pretty sturdy straps compared to some of the ones we tested, its m nose bridge, which locks tightly onto your face, as well as this thing here, which is called an exhalation valve. When you’re breathing out, your face can get pretty hot, and this sort of keeps you cool. These are surgical masks. You’ve seen these on doctors, in hospitals, maybe you’ve seen a nail technician wearing one or you’ve seen them on the subway. Basically, they’re made out of cheap latex, and they secure around your face with elastic bands or just kind of like cheap plastic ties like these ones. But none of these masks are airtight.

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So that means that there is room for airborne pathogens to sort of sneak in through the side. The best these can offer is a physical barrier between you and any sort of spritz or splash that may come your way. So what will these protect you against?
Viruses, these are a no for surgical masks and a yes for n95 respirators. Viruses are teeny, tiny, and they travel on water vapor that can pretty easily sneak in through the sides of the mask. Also, if you are going to wear one of these and you prefer to have that barrier anyway, make sure to take the mask off by the straps. A lot of people have a tendency to take the mask off by the front, and let’s say you touched a subway pole or you touched someone who was swarming with the flu.
Now there’s only this thin latex barrier between your mouth and someone else’s illness. But let’s say you’re sick and you can’t stay home and you need to get to the doctor. It should hold in your coughs and your sneezes, but as I said, it doesn’t seal tightly to your face. So if someone unlucky is sitting next to you on the subway when you sneeze, they could get a small sprinkling.


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Once you exhale enough humid air, these can get sort of damp, making them more susceptible to picking up a virus. These are n95s. These will definitely protect you from a virus. These are only ever going to work correctly if they’re properly fitted to your face. So if you have a beard, you’re out of luck. That said, they’re hot, they’re uncomfortable, they’re difficult to breathe through, so you probably don’t wanna wear one of these unless you’re in the same room as an infected person. Oop, pollen, pollen is also a no for surgical masks. And it is a definite yes for n95 respirators. Pollen can sneak in through the sides of the mask. So the best it can do is provide a barrier for a little while. At 10 microns, pollen is relatively pretty big. So n95 should have no problem filtering them out of your respiratory system. Mold, this is another no for surgical masks.


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N95 Face Masks for Sale

Antiviral Face Masks for Sale

For mold, you’ll need an n95. So if you’re cleaning up after a home renovation or a flood or something like that, you should absolutely be using one of these to protect your lungs. Smog, perhaps you’re noticing a trend here, but this is also a no for surgical masks. Despite the thousands of people who wear these in smoggy cities, they don’t actually protect you from pollution.

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For n95s, smog is a yes, but. Smog is a mix of things, including soot, which an n95 can definitely protect you against. However, it’s also made up of gases like nitrogen oxide and other chemicals called volatile organic compounds. Volatile organic compounds evaporate into the air, and they’re too small in size for an n95 respirator to capture.
Wildfire smoke, these are very serious, we’re running out of room here, but these are a very serious no for surgical masks. Surgical masks will not protect you in wildfire smoke. And for n95s, wildfire smoke is a yes, but. During California’s wildfire season last summer, local government agencies, and community centers would hand out n95s like this one to make sure that residents stayed safe. However, wildfire smoke doesn’t only let off particulate dust. It also lets off those volatile organic compounds that I mentioned before, and an n95 won’t protect you from those.

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Those are from houses burning down, oil burning off of roads, all those things that sort of getting burnt in a wildfire. If you are in a wildfire area, you will definitely need to be wearing one of these and you should chuck it after eight hours of use. Paint fumes, these are another no for surgical masks. And for n95s, these are also a no. The molecules in paint fumes are so small that an n95 is not gonna pick them up and be able to filter them out.
Cigarette smoke and marijuana smoke, again, for surgical masks, both of these are a no. So the best thing to do is avoid an unsafe situation and remove yourself. And for n95s, these are a yes, but. An n95, like we already know, can pick up any smoke particles, but cigarettes also give off carbon monoxide, which an n95 can’t filter. So the best thing to do is just leave the room and don’t harsh anyone’s vibe. So now that we’ve terrified you about these volatile organic compounds,
We should probably show you which respirator will work to protect you against them. This is our reusable respirator pick with attachable p100 filters. Filters like these attachable p100 ones are certified to block out 99.97% of airborne particulate, including those that are oil-based like lead paint or pesticides. But unless you’re doing your best bane impression, “oh, you think darkness is your ally. “you merely adopted the dark. “I was born in it.” you probably won’t need these. People have a habit of buying these pretty indiscriminately. So if you’re thinking about getting a respirator, you should really evaluate which one you need and what you need it for. People are pretty panicked about the coronavirus, but they don’t need to be. And they definitely don’t need to be buying up all the respirators and surgical masks, especially since a lot of hospital workers really need them.